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The Aquarium Sink

The Moody Aquarium Sink is a real life working fish tank… for your sink! Pretend you’re dipping your hands in shark-infested waters every time you go to the bathroom! This sink has a removable top, slots on the sides for feeding, and a calming glow-y light in the back. Hope you have some rare fish to sell, because you can purchase this at opulentitems for $4,500 USD.


Curiosity Launches

If the stars are aligned properly, NASA’s latest rover will be among them. Scheduled to launch at 10:02 am EST, Curiosity will be setting sail on a nine-month trip to the planet Mars. In August 2012, it will decelerate into the atmosphere, a series of entry events will quickly take place, ending with a rocket-powered sky crane lowering the rover gently to the surface. Its stay is a proposed 668 Martian sols, or nearly two Earth years, starting in Gale crater. Godspeed, Curiosity!

(via: theatlantic)